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A Matter of Life or Death

Ve don't vant to suck your blood, ve vant to give it to those in need. Red Cross takes a lighter approach to the importance of donating blood, courtesy of Vlad.



2023 Gold Telly Award: General Student - Branded Content

2023 Young Ones ADC Gold Cube: Design for Good - Advertising

2023 Silver Telly Award: General Student - Online Commercials

2023 Young Ones ADC Silver Cube: Advertising - Television/Film/Online Video

2023 Young Ones Merit: Advertising - Craft in Writing

2023 International Andy Award Shortlist

2023 Clios Shortlist: Student Branded Entertainment & Content - Film - Scripted

2023 Young Ones Shortlist: Advertising - Craft in Art Direction

Director: Daniela Aaron

Producers: Matt JacksonMe

Director of Photography: Tyler Davies

Art Director: Sav Chapple

Copywriters: Izzy VaclawBrooke Boulter

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