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Glossier x We're Not Really Strangers

You Feel Good

Glossier: Everyone’s favorite beauty brand. WNRS: a card game all about loving deeper. 

Insight: People have a fundamental need to feel known and loved.

Glossier and WNRS are the perfect pair. Glossier is all about loving yourself with or without makeup. WNRS means business when the topic is getting to know someone so deeply it could make you cry. They have set the perfect stage for a social campaign.


Glossier and WNRS are both Instagram icons, we would be fools to not include a week of cross-promotional content for this collab.

that includes a twist on the original WNRS game, centered around beauty:

box mockup.png
card mockup 2.png
card mockup 1.png

with new products that focus on your natural beauty:

Web- Clearly You.png
mirror drawstring.png
makeup remover box white.png
Web- Compact Mirror.png

and of course, some merch to top it all off:

hoodie mockup.png


Director/Content Creator: Daniela Aaron
Designer: Bri Lucero
Copywriter: Izzy Vaclaw
Strategist: Carinne Crum
Project Manager: 
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